Explore | Hemer Park & COCO Cafe

Hi Everyone, it’s Sarah! Guess what? My mom, Cheryl, is guest posting today! Since I’m studying in Freiburg at the moment, I thought it would be nice to have my mom guest post for me. My mom is wonderful, I think you’ll really like her. Without further ado here is her post about a lovely day she had exploring Hemer Park in Cedar and going to the COCO cafe…

When I’m in need, she’s a friend indeed.  That’s how I would describe my oldest and best friend, Kanya.  We’ve been friends since we were six years old.  I lost a very special friend in the last few month, my Mother In Law, Audrey.  At Kanya’s suggestion she took me out for a quiet day together.  Our first stop was Hemer Park, in Cedar.  Kanya described it to me as a very picturesque and peaceful place.  It certainly is with winding trails along a marshland and Holden Lake.  The .93 hectare park was generously donated by Violet and John Hemer and dedicated in April of 1981.  The trails are wide and well groomed.  It is well mapped and there are washrooms right off the parking lot.  We walked out onto a viewing platform on the marsh.  The water lilies were just coming out in flower.  The trail led us a nice big loop back around to the parking lot.


Our next stop Kanya said was the COCO Cafe on Cedar Road.  The COCO Cafe is a project of Cedar Opportunities Co-operative.  COCO’s mission is to employ people with developmental disabilities and to create socialization opportunities within their community.  They serve breakfast, lunch and goodies from7:00am to 4:00pm.  We had a nice big mug of tea and a ham and cheese Panini with Caesar Salad.  They have an extensive catering menu as well.  The Cafe is cozy with tables to sit at, but also a sofa and comfy chairs at one end if you just want to sit and enjoy a coffee and read.  You can also buy a book or local artwork that is displayed on the wall.

It was a perfect day.  A good chat with an old friend in a very peaceful setting.  It soothes the soul.  Thank you Kanya for always being there.

– Cheryl

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