Explore | Wilde and Sparrow

There are so few stores that I visit in Nanaimo & Parksville where I’m utterly captivated by every article of clothing, every piece of jewelry, and every intricate detail of decor. Wilde and Sparrow is one of those stores.


This store, co-owned by Shirra Wall and Trish Smith, is a wonderful mix of classic, quirky, indie. It’s a shop I imagine Zooey Deschanel would hit up on the weekends while drinking a coffee from the next door cafe as she hums something from The Beach Boys.

DSC_4013 DSC_4015

Wilde and Sparrow carries a wide variety of items. And I mean w i d e. Clothes, satchels, necklaces, mugs, journals, scarves, iPhone cases… socks! Even though they carry a wide range of goods, every piece seamlessly fits together like when you slip on your favourite molded-to-your-feet slippers.

DSC_4016 DSC_4017

As previously mentioned, I also love the decor of this store. Over by the changing rooms, there’s this really cool corner with pages from books plastered all over the wall. I feel like if I owned a lake-side cottage I’d decorate my reading nook this way. I’d pick pages that housed my favourite passages, funny quotes, or inspirational words. Or maybe just a random assortment of pages from books I haven’t read. Something that I can look at and wonder – where is this from? What’s this story about?


Anyways, back on topic. Wilde and Sparrow have a second floor where they operate their atelier where Will and Smith actually make their own line of clothing!


Have you been to Wilde and Sparrow? Do you wish your wallet was big enough to buy the whole store like me?!

– Sean

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