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It’s been over a month since Christmas and you know what that means? I no longer feel guilty buying myself gifts. I always feel that when it’s the holiday season spending should be done either on those around me or donating to those less fortunate. So, when the window closes, I’m like a pig in a high-end spa mud bath – time to shop guilt free. That or I’m too broke to buy anything…

Sarah and I both love spending time in Downtown Nanaimo. The cafe’s, the art scene, the shopping, the people… everything comes together to create a cool spot to spend an afternoon. Which is why, with my wallet open for business, I headed downtown to spend my first free, frivolous dollar.


While walking down Commercial Street, Catwalk Fashions seemed to catch my eye. I don`t normally shop at Catwalk but today felt different – the store was calling my name!


One thing that really stands out in Catwalk is their wide selection of dresses. My friend Rebecca would be in her element here (context: she loves buying dresses). Even though the holiday season is over, Valentine’s Day is coming up so if you’re in the market for a cute dress to impress, look no further. Alternatively, you could find the perfect Galentine’s Day dress.



One thing I really enjoy about Catwalk is their effortlessly cool-styled mannequins. They’re very downtown-chic. In fact every piece Catwalk sells seems to encapture an exciting mix of classic, chic, and funk.


But it’s not just their clothes that scream downtown-chic – their shoes, scarves and jewelry do too.


(those boots are to die for)


I think I’ll add Catwalk to my most frequently visited stores from now on – it’s a shame I’ve wasted all these good shopping years never really setting foot inside!


Side note: the clothes aren’t the only chic thing about Catwalk – look at dem floors doe.

Are you a regular at Catwalk Fashions? Or are you a newbie like me? Comment down below!

– Sean

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