Update | Sarah!

IMG_7419 Hello everyone! I took a bit of a break from the blog because I was travelling and didn’t know how to tell you I *cough* wasn’t in Nanaimo *cough* silly right!? Well I’ve been in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (jumped between the German, Swiss border in a town called Konstance), England, The Isle of Man, Scotland and The U.S.A. in Hawaii! I got back to Nanaimo around Christmas and dug into the winter season. Winter is one of my favorite seasons on Vancouver Island and I headed to some of my favourite places like the Duncan Farmers Market where it ended up snowing, Tea Farm in Cowichan, a day trip to Victoria where I went to Ravenstone, Bon Macaron, Russell Books and a stop at Drum Roaster Coffee in Cobble Hill. I want to share some photos and experiences from my trip but also want to make it relevant, If  I can say anything after my trip it is: GO! If you have a feeling or a niggling or a dream, GO! Work hard and don’t forget or think it’s frivolous to travel or too much money. It could change your life so GO! Saving money and working towards a goal is so gratifying and has propelled me to reach for new things! So i’m not sure what you, our lovely readers want to see but I’m going to share a little of what I want to remember and also what I would have wanted to see and hear before I travelled. I’ve also got some posts about what it’s like back in Nanaimo, what I have been up to and what it’s like to be a local girl again! ~ Sarah

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