Explore | Isn’t That Just The “Bee’s Knees”?

The Bee’s Knees! The cutest little cafe you ever did see in Nanaimo!

It took me (Sarah!) and Sean ages to come here for coffee together and we are so happy that we finally did. Other than their lovely coffee, teas and in house baked goods they have created a lovely atmosphere with plush chairs and sofas, with interesting prints and colourful walls. The walls are a cheery yellow, and there are interesting patterns everywhere (even on my latte mug!)

DSC_9157 DSC_9159

Sean got her tried and true London Fog and I got a latte since I am a full blown coffee addict! I also tried one of their paninis which was awesome. We sat down at a table together to enjoy our treats, tuck into our drinks and chat.


Of course we had to take photos for the blog first of all of everything! Do you think we would leave you hanging without pictures?  My latte was rich and bold and so perfect in the fun cup. Sean’s London Fog met her high expectations and was the perfect size for this afternoon chat.

DSC_9167 DSC_9170 DSC_9172

It was a great afternoon and after we checked out blue poppy which is right beside The Bee’s Knees, which we highly recommend to round out your trip to the cafe. We love you Bee’s Knees and will be back for sure :)

~ Sarah

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