Travel | Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Hi everyone! Lets go back in time a little to last fall, September and October 2014 when I was in Germany for two months, Austria for a day and Switzerland for about 30 seconds.

Freiburg | The First Month

I spent the most time in Freiburg on my two month long journey in Germany doing a beginners German language course. I fell in love with the city and explored nearly every street, canal and corner it had to offer. It’s a beautiful city and I highly recommend making a stop here or somewhere in southern Germany if you are visiting Europe.

 Phullendorf, Konstance and Ulm

I spend two weeks with our family friends the “Weigles” who my parents met through their work 20 years before. We kept in touch with them throughout the years with thoughtful Christmas Parcels, letters, emails and some occasional visits here in Canada. Their family picked me up in Freiburg and I got to see the countryside from Freiburg to their house through the black forest, a stop at Lake Titisee and to see the spring that starts the flow of the Donau. I spent time with their family cooking, eating and watching a few Harry Potter movies with their son who was learning english. I did a few day trips from their small village in southern Germany by train. It was a restful and interesting two weeks learning lots of new German things.

 Munich, Passau, Regensburg, Salzburg & Nuremberg

I spent a weekend in Munich revisiting the city that I had been to on a day trip a few years ago. I visited the glockenspiel, had a pretzel, walked through the Marienplatz and went to their market. I also really wanted to go to the Bavarian National museum, by this time in my trip I was a little “museumed out’. Is that a thing? I think it is. Anyways I had a lovely meal in their museum cafe and then headed out on a train further into bavaria to stay in Regensburg with my friend Tanja. From there I did lots of day trips which included a day in Salzburg, Neuschwanstein Castle, Zugspitze Germany’s Highest Peak, and Nuremberg which ended up being my favorite German city!

This covers a bit of my trip but not all of it. If you have any questions about travelling in Southern Germany let me know!

~ Sarah

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