Explore | Little Mountain Sunsets

I love Little Mountain – it’s what I call the lazy man’s mountain. There’s no hiking required – just a drive up to the summit with a short 45 second walk from your car to the scenic viewpoint. This is a great lookout point for anyone who can’t hike or who can’t walk great distances, or for people like me who are just too damn lazy. You get to reap all the rewards of a mountaintop view without any of the hard work!

DSC_9729 DSC_9757 DSC_9771

Of course, we have a number of great mountains to hike in the area (Benson, Arrowsmith, etc…) but Little Mountain is great if you prefer a quick and easy trip.

DSC_9789 DSC_9797DSC_9829

Aside from panoramic views, you can usually manage to see an eagle or two while up there. In fact, while I was taking the photo below, a mature bald eagle flew just shy of 10 feet from my eye level. It was incredible – if only I wasn’t taking a selfie! I could have captured that moment!


I’ve been to Little Mountain a handful of times – all during the day. I was keen to watch the sunset though and the best time to go is in winter/spring months when the sun still sets behind the mountains. In the summertime, the sun sets more behind you so although the view is still gorgeous, you won’t get the full effect as you do in the colder months.


– Sean

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