Happy 2nd Birthday to LLN!

Friends, today is a very special day. Today marks Local Loves Nanaimo’s second anniversary! It’s crazy to think that Sarah and I have been running this passion of ours for over two years now. I still remember when Sarah had this crazy idea while we were sitting at work, contemplating life in Nanaimo. What started as a pet project has now evolved into this beast of passion, inspiration, and joy.

Now, to commemorate our two years of LLN, we’ve decided it’s time to spruce things up around here – give ourselves a little face lift, if you will. You’ll notice a new theme and logo at Local Loves, as well as a new menu. All your favourite categories are still here, they’re now just in a much more organized and streamlined layout. We’ve also added more focus to Recipes, DIY, and Videos. We’re really excited to add a bit more focus to these areas as we feel Local Loves is a reflection of our life. Yes, we love to explore, but we also love to create.


Lastly, we just want to thank everyone who’s ever had a connection with Local Loves Nanaimo. Thank you to local business owners for letting us share you and your business with our readers. Thanks to mother nature local communities for making our corner of the world so breathtakingly beautiful (and keeping it that way!). Most importantly, thank you to our readers. Thanks for the likes, the reblogs, the shares. Thanks for telling your friend or your mom or co-worker “hey, have you checked out this blog yet?”. Just a big, fat, all encompassing thank you. No matter who you are, or how you found us, thank you.

Here’s to another great year at Local Loves Nanaimo! :)

love Sean & Sarah

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