Travel | Memory Keeping with Project Life!

It’s no secret that we at Local Loves like to create so I knew that I wanted to remember my trip to Germany and the UK somehow and print photos and put something together like a scrapbook but I really didn’t want to scrapbook. Mostly because I didn’t want to use the glue and do the cutting and I felt like I just mostly wanted to keep my photos and plane tickets and memorabilia somewhere. Then I stumbled across Project Life! It’s sort of a system for scrapbooking and keeping your photos and memorabilia in one place. I also came across Kelly Purkey which she was on a podcast (One Part Podcast) and her idea of Modern Day Memory Keeping. It totally resonated with me! I ended up reading her whole blog while on vacation in Hawaii one afternoon and set out to document my trip when I got home!


IMG_7624 IMG_7629

I spent the next few weeks picking photos, editing photos and picking out papers and the project life package that I thought reflected who I am. That took a while and then I spent at least 4 agonizing nights putting the actual book together. I say agonizing because it was a bit trying to fit the photos into the pre-sized pockets and adding other elements to make the page right in my eyes. For half the book I took the route of planning which photos to print for each pocket which I found painstakingly slow. For the other half of the book I just picked my favourite photos and tried to add them where they best fit. This was a bit more ‘frustrating’ but I found it worked with my creative process better. My advice is if you’re a control freak go ahead and plan the whole thing but also you might end up rearranging the photos anyways so just go with it. And if you want to just go with it – go with it! You can always reimagine things as you go thats the nice thing about project life.

IMG_7637 IMG_7641 IMG_7642 IMG_7655 IMG_7661

While I can say the process of putting it together was a little stressful I KNEW I wanted to finish it for myself and I so happy that I did. For me it’s like a photo album but it has all the memorabilia that was part of my trip. I wanted somewhere where everything could have it’s own spot. I am so pleased that I finished the project and really happy with the end result!

IMG_7671 IMG_7681 IMG_7682 IMG_7683 IMG_7687

I can definitely say that I love the end result of my project life book! Anyone who is travelling – keep those little mementos that you get because you can always add them to memory keeping projects! Happy travels and creating everyone!

~ Sarah

2 thoughts on “Travel | Memory Keeping with Project Life!

  1. Sarah & Sean says:

    That is so awesome to hear! It is SO much easier than cutting and gluing papers and the restrictions are nice and let you get creative in the boundaries of the ‘pockets’. Happy creating!


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