Explore | Lovecoast: Guaranteed to Move Your Soul

Surprise, surprise! Today we have a special, unscheduled post for you allllll about the lovely Lovecoast.

As you may already know, last Thursday Sarah and I hit up The Globe Bar & Grille to see performances by Boomshack, Band of Rascals, and Lovecoast. We were honoured to be invited by Danielle, Lovecoast’s lead singer, for a night of incredibly great local music.

Opening the show was Nanaimo’s own Boomshack. I actually went to VIU with a number of the band members, some of whom I’ve seen perform in other bands before the inception of Boomshack. I was excited to see some familiar musical faces!


Comprised mostly of VIU jazz program graduates, Boomshack offers an irresistible sound of pop/jazz/funk/all around bad ass-ery that makes it incredibly hard not to shake your booty to.


Next up were Victoria’s Band of Rascals – a four piece “nuts and bolts” rock band who have drawn comparisons to Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. I love the two aforementioned bands, so I was super excited to hear that modern rock/southern blues sound from a local band.

DSC_0588 DSC_0556

These guys had such a fun yet laid-back style and it was so easy to fall into their dynamic groove (brb, I have to go buy their EP).

DSC_0589 DSC_0559DSC_0582

So far, the audience had been pretty spoiled with rad tunes all night so it seemed almost too good to be true that we still had the main event to come!

DSC_0605 DSC_0617

Lovecoast is a Vancouver-based band that serves up west coast inspired indie with a side of R&B/soul pop. The crowd was eating their set up – people were dancing, grooving, and moving along to Lovecoast’s infectious music and unique sound (ourselves included).

These guys seriously rocked our faces off. I had read that Lovecoast had a high-energy stage presence, a la Hey Ocean!, but experiencing it is so much different than just reading about it. Within the first 5 minutes we were swept away by the life and soul of this band.


Their presence was so commanding, that I just. could. not. stop. taking photos. So have a peek at the rest below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you weren’t able to catch Lovecoast at The Globe last Thursday, have no fear, there are still a few dates left on their Western Canadian Tour! Tomorrow night, they hit the stage at Lucky Bar in Victoria while on June 11th, they’ll play the FIFA Women’s World Cup Fan Zone in Vancouver (how rad is that?!). They’ll also be playing a number of festivals including the Squamish Wind Festival, Fernie’s Wapiti Music Festival, and Duncan’s Rock of the Woods (which Band of Rascals, The Wild Romantics, and Gold & Shadow will also be playing!). If you’re kicking around town during any of these dates, PLEASE go see them. You will not be disappointed.

– Sean :)

ps: Boomshack and Band of Rascals also have more tour dates lined up! Please check out Boomshacks Facebook page for more info and Band of Rascals’ website for up-to-date tour info!

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