Shopping | Island-ish In Nanaimo’s Departure Bay!

Hello lovely readers! Last week I popped by Island-ish an amazing new shop in Nanaimo near Departure Bay. It’s the perfect sea-side shop to browse and get inspired in. My friend Laura says it’s a “Pinterest” shop and I couldn’t agree more. As well as beautiful clothing and gifts they have country chic paint, which is a chalk based mineral paint. They sell the paint, offer tips and inspiration as well as offer classes for a more in-depth lesson into the product.

IMG_7785 IMG_7791 IMG_7796

The shop is run by mom Sharon and her daughters Kelly and Shannon. I have been in three times now and always greeted with warm welcomes and smiles. They are knowledgeable about everything in the shop and where it came from and who made it, which we at Local Loves Naniamo love!

IMG_7799 IMG_7810

There are beautiful things to see in every corner of the store so make sure to take your time as you browse around. I spotted a purple and lace bag as I was looking around and couldn’t help but come back to it. I ended up buying it and taking it home with me and i’m so glad I did it has turned into my catch all bag, that carries my laptop and camera so I can work from coffee shops and on the go!

IMG_7846 IMG_7811 IMG_7816

Another wonderful things about Island-ish is their wide selection of Country Chic Paint. This is amazing chalk paint that gives any piece of furniture some whimsy and character. They hold classes there that range from teaching basics to more advanced classes and more advanced ideas. You can also pop in and ask for some advice as well!

IMG_7828 IMG_7817 IMG_7837 IMG_7836

Thank-you so much Island-ish for opening and adding to the culture of Departure Bay! You are a welcome addition and I look forward to many more shopping days there!

~ Sarah

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