Explore | Craig Street Market $20 Challenge!

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago we went to the Craig Street Market (one of our favs!) in Parksville with our friend Laura. We set out a challenge to see what each of us could buy for $20.00 at this summertime night market. Full disclosure: it’s pretty much all food (but that don’t make it any less exciting)!


We parked on Memorial Ave and made our way to the lively market. As luck would have it, Sean’s favourite band, Kumbana Marimba, was playing some of their infectious Marimba tunes!


Since we entered the market right in the middle of Craig Street, we decided to first head left down the length of Craig Street and start from the bottom and work our way up (cue Drake’s Started From The Bottom). Once at the base of the market, we stumbled upon the mini donut truck and immediately we knew we had our first purchase. Sarah and Laura broke their $20.00 for some of that sweet, sugary treat. The donuts were still warm and Sarah and Laura were eager to dig in to their donut appetizer (and Sean didn’t mind nabbing one of Sarah’s donuts for herself!).


Sarah: $20.00 $15.00
Laura: $20.00 $15.00
Sean: $20.00

After our sweet and slightly naughty appetizer we walked back up the length of the market, weaving through the crowds hopping from booth to booth. Pretty soon, the mouthwatering smells of pizza led us right to the Farm to Fire food truck.

Farm to Fire pizza is a mobile food truck that uses a wood fire pizza oven to bake their handmade ‘zas. Aside from tantalizing your nose, this food truck also captivates the tastebuds as they use locally sourced ingredients! From veggies to herbs to meats (Nanoose-raised beef), you won’t find anything at Farm to Fire that hasn’t been locally sourced. High five, Farm to Fire!

After some deliberation, Laura decided to tuck in to a pepperoni pizza while we couldn’t quite decide which craving to satiate. After some ~very serious~ food talk the two of us decided to share pizza AND tacos! I mean, what better combination is there?


Life’s too short, so why choose one when you can have both, right!? The margarita pizza with fresh basil looked too good to pass up, so we didn’t. Pass it up, we mean. While the two of us waited for our fresh-to-order za to cook we found the Taco Revolution truck where we ordered Sean’s first ever fish taco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We needed this many exclamation points because WHAT how has she never tried a fish taco before?!)


For Sean’s inaugural fish taco, we ordered the “Tasty Tasty Fish Taco” which featured freshly grilled cod (using lime and a special blend of spices), fresh cabbage, crema, and chipotle, all nestled into a corn tortilla handmade by Gabriola’s own Ixim! As with Farm to Fire, Taco Revolution makes all their dishes handmade and from scratch.

Taco Revolution’s motto is “it’s ok to eat tacos everyday”. With tacos like these, we can see why.

Sarah: $15.00 $5.00
Laura: $15.00 $5.00
Sean: $20.00 $14.00


After our bellies were full and happy we continued on up Craig Street to see the rest of the market. It was then that our eyes caught sight of the Skookum postcards and art prints. Both Sarah and Laura couldn’t pass up each taking home one of these rad vintage-inspired postcards.


(editors note: did you know Skookum originated with the Coastal Salish and meant “strong” but now is a term used to describe something “very cool”?!)

Sarah: $5.00 $2.75
Laura: $5.00 $2.75
Sean: $14.00

As we were winding down our evening we still had some cash to spend (especially Sean) and we couldn’t skip one of Laura’s favourite tents – The Naked Squirrel. She had been looking for a new set of earrings for a while and set her sights on some beautiful sparkle stone stud earrings. Although the $8.00 earrings set Laura over her $20.00 budget, they were well worth her money!

DSC_1280 DSC_1278

Sarah: $2.75
Laura: $2.75 $-5.25
Sean: $14.00

As we were ready to bid adieu to the market, the bright colours of the Hawaiian shaved ice cart caught Sean’s attention. Back in June, Sean missed the opportunity to indulge in this sweet treat while exploring Nanaimo’s Multicultural Festival. She wasn’t gonna pass it up again! Sean had to go with the classic cherry flavour as a throw back to her childhood days when cherry snow cones were a summer favourite.


Final Tally
Sarah: $2.75
Laura: $2.75 $-5.25
Sean: $14.00 $10.00

We also captured our evening on Snapchat (@localloves)! If you missed it the first time around, check out our snaps below :)

We had a blast at the Craig Street Market in Parksville! Why not try this challenge yourself? You can visit the night market any Tuesday for the rest of the summer from 6-9 pm on Craig Street. Grab $20, a friend (or make it a solo trip), and your keen shopping eye and see what you can buy for $20! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #locallovesnanaimo so we can see your fun and purchases!

~ Sarah & Sean

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