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GUYS. Guys. I know – it’s been a while since Local Loves has been caressing your brain with our lovable and, dare I say, charming blog posts. I’m sarry. I just haven’t been, like, inspired as of late. Which you may think is weird but when my heart’s not in it, the words don’t flow, and when the words don’t flow, the posts don’t make it to you. But guess whaaaat? Gold & Shadow has broken my writer’s block!


As you may recall (or maybe you don’t?!) Sarah and I went and saw Gold & Shadow absolutely slay it at Nanaimo’s Port Theatre back in the spring. So when I found out that their new album dropped AND that they were touring in support of said album, I got majorly excited.


TORCH, Gold & Shadow’s debut full-length album, is made of calm and chaos and beauty and loss and everything else that goes into making an album worth listening to.

Courtesy of Gold & Shadow // Credit: Matt Lineker Photography

Courtesy of Gold & Shadow // Credit: Matt Lineker Photography

To kick off the tour supporting TORCH, Gold & Shadow played their first show in Parksville last night (last night, people) at the Parksville Baptist Church. It was such an intimate affair (which I totally dug) that the atmosphere was just seeping with love – love of music, love of the band, and love of the west coast. It can be a little awkward at times, intimate shows, but the band is so laid back between songs, really engaging with the audience and making them feel like they’re a part of the show (not just there watching it).

DSC_6170 DSC_6205 DSC_6207 DSC_6179 Untitled-1 DSC_6208 DSC_6194 DSC_6182 DSC_6202 DSC_6193 DSC_6191 DSC_6206 DSC_6186 DSC_6174 DSC_6173

On Friday and Saturday, Gold & Shadow head to their hometown in Nanaimo to play two shows at The Vault Café and The Buzz Coffee House (respectively). Tickets are only $10 (which is madness tbh – that’s so inexpensive) and can be bought at the door. The first 50 people to show up will be able to get in to watch the show so make sure you’re there early!

Of course, if you can’t make it to Nanaimo (or don’t live on the island) there are plenty more tour dates to go around:

Courtesy of Gold & Shadow

Courtesy of Gold & Shadow

Be sure to also check out their new album TORCH on Bandcamp or Spotify. You can also visit their website to see where you can buy the new album. Please just do yourself a favour and give them a listen, k?

Catch ya later!

– Sean :)

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