Update | A Local Loves Victoria!

Hello Friends, I just wanted to pop in and tell everyone that I (Sarah) moved down to Victoria, B.C. at the beginning of this month! I have always loved this city and finally decided it was time to make a leap to the big(ger) city. So far I have been settling in quite well exploring coffee shops, parks and harbour walks which I will be sharing here in the future. I have also been coming home to Nanaimo on the weekends because well, I do love Nanaimo.moving

Sean and some more friends helped me move in last weekend and I love how things are coming along. I am renting a studio apartment in the Fernwood/ Downtown area. I love how convenient it has been so far in relation to work and getting around. I have loved all the light that the big windows let in in the apartment. Sean snapped some photos while she was here to give a little tour of the place. It’s a bit sparse and unorganized but I love the feel and how it’s coming along.DSC_8102 DSC_8101 DSC_8100 DSC_8097

I hope that you look forward, like I do, to seeing new content and new posts coming from B.C.’s capital. Victoria has so so so much to offer even if you want to make it a day trip down from Nanaimo. I can’t wait to get out and explore more, eat more and experience more and share it with everyone here! 

Thank-you for reading! Let me know if there is anywhere you think I should check out while living down here. First on my agenda is checking out some more coffee shops! I have Mirage Coffee, Discovery Coffee, Hey Happy and Habit on my list so far. Let me know if I missed any good ones!

~ Sarah

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