Explore | Storm Watching

Happy Friday!

Who was excited to see all that rain this week?! More importantly, who braved the elements and headed to the beach to storm watch? I know that Tofino/Ukee have a lock on storm watching but if the elements are just right, you can storm watch from Parksville and Nanaimo, too!


DSC_7788 DSC_7790DSC_7785DSC_7787DSC_7796

DSC_7802 DSC_7795DSC_7803DSC_7806

Completely decked out in my rain boots and rain jacket, I was still wet in no time. Like literally no time. As soon as I stepped out my front door I was drenched. ESPECIALLY since I was only wearing leggings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It was totally worth it though.

Do you love a little bit of storm watching? Do you have a photo from your fav spot to storm watch? Share it with us on instagram using #locallovesvi :)


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