I know, I know, I know

HELLO?! IS ANYONE THERE?? It’s me, Sean. I know, I know, I know, it’s been aaaages since I’ve last posted anything (don’t check when I last posted, please. It’s too embarrassing). I feel like I need to give you a quick life update before jumping back in to this whole blogging game, so here goes:


My faithful blogging companion, Sarah, moved to the Isle of Man (!!!!). Like, as in off the coast of England. You can catch up with her here


As for me, I’ve fallen victim to the all work and no play lifestyle since moving here a year ago (A WHOLE YEAR AGO, I can’t believe it tbh). Over the last year I’ve been working a job that hasn’t given me a regular schedule, ie my hours and days off were all over the place and I struggled to motivate myself to keep up with my hobbies like photography and blogging for LLVI. I’ve recently started a new job that will hopefully grant me more stability and freedom to get back to doing the things I love most.

dsc_0317 dsc_1665dsc_0817dsc_1077

Having said that, I know life will still get in the way and no matter how great my intentions are, things will still fall by the wayside from time to time. I think my battle will be to not beat myself up when I miss a week (or two or seven) of posting new content. As much as I would LOVE to one day have this be my full time job, right now it’s not. So I need to be ok with the fact that I can’t devote 24/7 to LLVI. You guys can understand and get with that, right?


From here on out, I’m going to try my hardest to keep a more regular schedule with LLVI. Partly for you guys, who have supported us since the early days and because I love interacting with y’all, but also partly for myself. Everyone needs an outlet in life to channel negative energy and stress into something positive and, for me, that’s ALWAYS been photography.


It’s time for me to drop the unambitious attitude and pick up the camera. It’s time to start fresh, and to keep on exploring this great Island. There’s so much here to enjoy.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Catch ya next time 👋🏻



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