Food | Crust Bakery

A few days ago, I let you guys in on my struggle to keep motivated to do the hobbies I love most. One of the hurdles I have to jump (which I didn’t touch on in the last post) was trying to explore Victoria without a car. Yes, the bus system here is great, but it just adds a layer of difficulty that isn’t present with the ease of having a car. Having said that, I do come across rare instances where I have access to a vehicle for a few days so I always make the most of it. The last such time, I headed to Crust Bakery.


I have walked up and down Fort Street SO MANY TIMES and I’ve always overlooked Crust Bakery. What a huge mistake. This quaint, artisan bakery and café is such a delight.


The bakery’s store-front window showcased a line up of mouthwatering, delectable goodies. Tarts, croissants,  puff pastry rolls… CRONUTS (you guys, cronuts!!). It’s enough to make even the least hungry passerby take notice.


After my customary outside shots, I took a step inside the warm glow of Crust. It was such a welcome reprieve from the blustery afternoon air.

dsc_1682 dsc_1669 dsc_1676

Immediately I was welcomed by more baked goodies; meringues, whole loaves of freshly baked bread, and freshly made in-house sandwiches lined the glass covered counters. The smells emanating from Crust made my stomach grumble reminding me I hadn’t actually yet eaten anything that day. One of the friendly barista’s asked me what I was in the mood for and I honestly couldn’t decide. Don’t put that kind of pressure on me! He offered to get my London Fog started while I drooled mulled over my options.

dsc_1673 dsc_1680

I went with a pretty surprising choice (for me): a chocolate croissant. It’s surprising because I don’t typically like croissants (shocking, I know). But I was running low on my chocolate reserve and needed replenishment stat.

dsc_1670 dsc_1677dsc_1672

I gotta say, sometimes it’s worth stepping outside of your comfort zone because, dang, that was one tasty croissant. I may have to rethink my dislike of croissants – it was just that good! Not only that, but my London Fog was top notch. You may think it’s hard to screw up a tea latte, but trust me, I’ve tested enough to know it’s either a hit or a miss. Crust’s London Fog is a definite hit.

dsc_1685 dsc_1699

My only qualm is Crust Bakery is so small (and obviously very popular with locals in-the-know) that aside from a bar running along the bakery’s opposite wall, there isn’t much seating. Having said that, if that’s the ONLY downside, I think I can live with that. Plus, with Victoria’s bustling downtown core, it’s nice to grab a hot beverage and snack to go while you walk the storied streets. Hey, maybe you’ll find your next overlooked gem.

Have you tried out Crust Bakery’s heavenly pastries? How does their coffee fair to other café’s in town? Sound off in the comments below – I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Catch ya next time 👋🏻


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