Winter Sunrise at Cattle Point

So I have this thing about sunsets (like most people probably). I love love love me a good sunset. Not like the clear sky sunsets but sunsets where clouds are splattered across the sky, painted in brilliant colours of pink, peach, and lilac. One thing I wish I enjoyed more were sunrises. I mean, it’s not that I DON’T enjoy essentially a reverse sunset (can I make that a thing?). It’s just that the sunrise ascends from the horizon just too dang early.


The only time I really get up to enjoy the sunrise is either in the summer when I’m up all night on another Netflix binge, watching Gilmore Girls or The Office, and, like, the sun just happens to be there OR when it’s winter and the sun rises at a more reasonable hour (like 8am instead of 5am).


Having said all that, it still takes the entirety of my being to drag my warm, cuddly butt out of bed into the windy, frigid winter (hi, Alberta friends – I’ve grown weak since moving to the island, don’t judge).

It just so happens that one morning in January the stars (or tides) aligned for me enough that I managed to make my way to Cattle Point for the morning show.


I feel like the main difference between sunsets and sunrises (aside from the direction the sun’s movement) is there are WAY LESS people crowding the place during a sunrise. I only had to battle it out with two other photographers for prime real estate to set up my tripod and camera.

dsc_2067 dsc_2075

You know how earlier, up there ⬆️️, I said one reason I don’t venture out for sunrises is because it’s so cold? Well this morning was no exception. It was as windy as anything. But you know what? The wind just made my shots more dynamic as the waves were crashing onto the rocks.


When it was time for the sun to make its debut for the day, I snapped a quick photo (cause, you know) then parked my butt down on the cold, pointy rocks. Note to self: bring a blanket next time.

I sometimes oftentimes get too caught up in grabbing the perfect shot that I miss actually enjoying what’s right in front of me. I don’t know why this time was different. Maybe it was the fact that I was tired or maybe I needed a break because my fingers lost any and all feeling, but it was nice to just experience the moment for once. I gotta remember to do that more often.

Do you guys have a favourite place to watch the sunrise or sunset? I’m in need of some new spots to explore! Can’t wait to chat in the comments below :D


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