Serenity Salon | How a Fresh Hairstyle Got Me Feelin’ Myself 💁

WHERE ARE ALL MY “HAIR IS MY SECURITY BLANKET” LADIES AT?! You know who you are – you dread going to the hairdressers for fear of sitting silently in that chair while someone chops off your precious tresses as you silently scream (or in my case cry) as they totally mangle your beautiful locks. Yea, I’m talkin’ to you. Well grab a cup of tea, sit your butt down, and let me tell you about the goodness that is Serenity Salon.

Nothing can make you feel as good as a great haircut. Alternatively, nothing can make feel as crap as an awful haircut.

Serenity Salon is one of those places that makes me want to smile as soon as I walk in the door. Everyone is SO. DANG. FRIENDLY. Owned by sisters Megan and Jessie, Serenity is all about making you feel your best, not just looking your best.

                               ^Gentiana, the “Classiest Receptionist Ever”, always greets you with a big warm smile.

Even though, in the past, I had a regular hair stylist at Serenity, I’ve had my hair cut by at least 3 other stylists during my time in Nanaimo and I’ve yet to have a bad experience. Honestly, I think one of the main reasons I love Serenity so much is that Megan and Jessie hire stylists not just for skill (which they have in abundance) but they also hire great personalities.

Which is why, when Cameo (“Manager/Boss Lady #2“) contacted me about writing a piece for Serenity I was all over it. No hesitation.

My appointment was with Heidi (lover of hair, books, and rain) who has been cutting hair at Serenity for 2+ years. This was my first time meeting Heidi and, I don’t know about her, but I had such a fun time. I’ve had so many experiences where, as an introvert, I feel awkward and uncomfortable sitting in the stylists chair, struggling to make conversation. My time with Heidi couldn’t be more opposite!

Not only was Heidi so easy to talk to, she was really informative. I’ve had some bad bleach jobs in the last 2-3 years from stylists at other hair salons (don’t get me started), and hearing Heidi talk about the science behind colouring was so interesting. You could tell that Heidi knew her stuff and was just as excited to talk about it as I was listening to it. One take away that everyone should already know about is never, EVER USE BOX BLEACH. Please. Save your hair, your money, your hairstylist, and your sanity and get it professionally done. Box dye seems so simple, right? But everyone’s hair is sososo different and only a professionally trained stylist will be able to determine the best concoction for you hair. Or even if your hair can achieve your wild and crazy hair dreams. All I know, is I wish I had Heidi when I tried to dye my hair grey (again, don’t get me started).

^Everything Heidi used on my hair. Bumble and Bumble is honestly a++ stuff

I’m pretty bland when it comes to my haircut – a quick trim and I’m good to go, but it’s been a while since I’ve had some coloured tips. I’ve had almost every colour you can think of: blue, purple, pink, green (not deliberately), and turquoise.

This time I wanted to try a more peachy, rose gold and I absolutely love the result:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Honestly, I felt so good I went to Bowen Park, on a BUSY SATURDAY and took 100 selfies like no one was watching (even though they were all watching, even the dogs). But that’s the mark of a great hairstylist isn’t it? That they can make you feel so good you can be vain in public and not give a dang because you’re feeling yourself?

If you want to be like me and Queen B and start feelin’ yourself, go visit Heidi at Serenity Salon. Heidi cuts and styles any and everyones hair (women, men, kids) and loves a challenge. So hit her up at Serenity or check out her instagram at

Side note: if you’re a hairstylist and are looking for a new home, where you can be a part of a fun loving family, get in touch with Megan and Jessie asap. Now. Do it.

Catch you guys next time!


*this is a sponsored post by Serenity Salon, but best believe all opinions are mine💪

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