Recipe | Winter Veg TWO Ways✌️

The following is a sponsored post on behalf of Whole Foods Market but all opinions, words, and photos are unbiasedly mine.

OK, Vancouver Island. We need to talk. This whole winter weather thing you have going on isn’t a great look for you. I mean yea the white-topped trees and the beautiful blustery skies are pretty and all but c’mon. It’s March. It’s not like we’re the prairies or the east coast! Out here on the west coast we usually see bright pops of pink and yellow from the cherry blossoms and daffodils yet you have Nanaimo covered in snow. SNOW!!

You know, the silver lining to this unseasonably cold and white weather is that my love of homey, comfort food can still live on. In the winter months I forgo any thought of that ~summer bod~ and fill myself with rich and hearty meals including stews, beef roasts, yorkshire puddings (oh my god, the yorkshire puddings), and root veggies.

Which brings me to this post on winter veggies in not one but TWO ways. For me, since I live alone, I often struggle with portions. Mostly when I’m at the grocery store and I buy like a head of lettuce and by the end of the week it’s all wilted and sad looking because I couldn’t eat it all in time. So I decided that I would buy produce that I can use in both of my recipes today. Win win!

Victoria’s Whole Foods Market only opened up last November but it has already become a popular spot with the locals. I mean that’s no surprise as its reputation of using natural, organic foods precedes itself. They also have a strong commitment to sustainable farming and, whenever possible, they support local (and you KNOW we love local at LLVI):

Before I could start my hunt for the best winter veg, I needed to grab a cheeky little London Fog from Discovery Coffee (a fantastic local coffee shop) which has a coffee bar RIGHT INSIDE OF WHOLE FOODS VICTORIA. How convenient 😉

I don’t know about you but I LOVE the look of a great produce section – seeing such vibrant colours makes my brain happy.

I wanted to get a great variety of things for my two recipes (winter veg soup and roasted root veggies) so I took my time in selecting only the freshest stuff. There were even some surprise items I didn’t plan for like purple yams and black radishes!! This is the type of food that gets me excited to cook.

With my bags full of fresh, organic produce and locally sourced foodstuff such as sea salt from Vancouver Island Salt Co., I could get ~cooking.

For me, a great soup has to have LOTS of fresh veggies and the freshest of fresh herbs. This soup I made? It has both of that plus, with the variety of veggies I used, it just looks so vibrant! What a great way to inject some colour into these grey, late winter days.

As for the roasted root veggies, this recipe honestly couldn’t be any easier. And, really, isn’t that what we all look for in a recipe? Something easy we can pop in the oven while we take care of other business while it cooks. Or in my case, a dance break to OG Arctic Monkeys.

You can also dress up your roasted veggies any way you like. It just so happens I’m a garlic herb fiend but a dash of cumin or paprika would also taste great.

How would you customize your roasted veggies and winter veg soup? Would you add a dash of cumin to that cast iron skillet or maybe add a bit of heat to your soup with some fresh chilis? I’d like to know – leave me a comment down below and let’s talk food!


If you’re looking for a recipe to pair with your winter veggies, why not try my Lemon Herb Turkey Thigh with Garlic Kale? The turkey is oh so juicy and the skin oh so crispy – and that pop of green from the kale is just what this plate needed.

Catch ya next time


6 thoughts on “Recipe | Winter Veg TWO Ways✌️

  1. Canuck Carl says:

    Thank you for the follow Sean. You have a wonderful blog. I live in Ontario and have visited Vancouver Island once over 30 years ago. I loved my time there.

    The whole food market looks like a wonderful store. The picture of the produce with the heaped up bins looks amazing. The colours are so vibrant and everything is so fresh.

    Not sure if all black radishes are the same, but I grew them one year and they were SO spicy. Tears would be streaming down my face. Too spicy for my wife, I enjoyed them in moderation.

    There is nothing quite like a root vegetable soup or stew on a cold winter day. Your photography is wonderful.

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