Coffee | Union Pacific Coffee Co.

Living in Victoria has its perks. We have beautiful seascapes, great local artisans, farms looking for goat cuddlers (seriously)… We also have an ABUNDANCE of coffee shops. Like, dang good coffee shops.

Honestly, if I wasn’t converted to a coffee drinker during my 2-month trek around New Zealand, living in Victoria would have gotten the job done.

Really though, I’m not that serious about my coffee. I know some people are fanatics when it comes to the blend, roast, notes, other adjectives to use for coffee… The one thing that is important to me is the atmosphere of the joint I’m ordering my coffee from.

And, folks, Union Pacific Coffee Co has it. My friend Jenna and I stumbled upon Union Pacific completely by accident. We were actually looking for another coffee shop in the area but kept taking wrong turns so finally we decided, “You know what? This place looks cool.”

And cool it was.

First, the place was super popular. There was a great mix of patrons which was great to see. It makes it feel like such a welcoming environment when you see a wide variety of people, you know? Sometimes I head to coffee shops that are waaaay too hipster for me or some that are way too corporate and I feel out of place. Not here though.

At first we nabbed some window seats where we could enjoy our vanilla latte (for me) and chai tea latte (for Jenna). After a few sips (and pics) Jenna noticed a sign behind us reading ‘patio’ so, with piqued interest, we decided to follow the sign.

OH MY LORD Y’ALL. Union Pacific has a garden patio out behind the coffee shop and it was so magical. Firstly, we were lucky as Jenna and I were the only two out there. Secondly, the vibe out back was so serene and relaxed. Sitting out in the garden patio just made me feel calm and content. Oftentimes we’re so go go go that a quiet spot, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, gives you just the space you need to just chill out, man.

I’m definitely adding Union Pacific Coffee Co. to my go-to coffee spots. That patio alone would make me spend $5 for a cup of coffee.

You MUST have a fav coffee spot in Victoria and I wanna hear about it! Let me know your coffee haunt down in the comments below. And let me know if you’ve ever tried Union Pacific Coffee Co!

Catch y’all next time


3 thoughts on “Coffee | Union Pacific Coffee Co.

  1. Covert Novelist says:

    Love your pics, very well done. I live not far from Victoria, and have spent many happy hours there and in that building. I love coffee, but simple coffee with milk. Less is more? hehe

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