Update | A Local Loves Victoria!

Hello Friends, I just wanted to pop in and tell everyone that I (Sarah) moved down to Victoria, B.C. at the beginning of this month! I have always loved this city and finally decided it was time to make a leap to the big(ger) city. So far I have been settling in quite well exploring coffee shops, parks and harbour walks which I will be sharing here in the future. I have also been coming home to Nanaimo on the weekends because well, I do love Nanaimo.moving

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Shopping | A Chat With Bikini Empire

Hello LLN’ers, our lovely readers! Today we’re sharing with you a special post about some amazing ladies homegrown on Vancouver Island. They are Monica and Kelsey and their creation is Bikini Empire.
Bikini Empire creates fashionable, sweat-shop free bikinis made in Vancouver (yes! keepin’ it local!) from premium Italian Fabric. We wanted to get to know the girls a little better, while sharing their story, inspirations, and love for Vancouver Island with you, our reader! Which is why we have asked them a few questions to learn all about Monica and Kelsey and Bikini Empire.
Read on, enjoy, and then go take a look at their wonderful designs!

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Explore | Blue Poppy Garden Gallery

Hello lovely readers!

While we were at The Bee’s Knees Café the other week we decided to stop in next door to the adjoining store Blue Poppy Garden Gallery! We were enticed by its beautiful colours and neat hanging lanterns. We already loved the shop when it was in the Old City Quarter (we even wrote a post about it here) and think that it fits perfectly nestled between The Bee’s Knees and Bliss Gowns and Events.

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Explore | Magic Hour at Bowen Park

Hello everyone!

Long time, no talk! Things have been a bit sporadic and crazy for us over here at LLN – so many things to do, so little time! It will take a little while to get into the groove of our new summer schedule outside of LLN, so bear with us as we adjust!

Last week Sarah and I headed over to Bowen Park for a fun family photoshoot. Now, Sarah has covered Bowen Park in the past but the lighting was so beautiful that I absolutely had to snap a few photos!

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Explore | New to Nanaimo: Noodlebox!

OK. So we know that, as Local Loves Nanaimo, we love to share all things local. But Noodlebox is just so amazing, we couldn’t not share. From the decor, to the food, to the location, we love everything about newly opened Noodlebox. And y’all just know I (Sean) love Asian food to no end. So, as Noodlebox is a ‘Southeast Asian Noodle Bar’, we really couldn’t not share!

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