OH MY GOODNESS. Who would have thought that we’d hit a one year anniversary!? Not us. But we’re super excited and happy and all other positive adjectives – I think giddy is a fitting one. When we began this blog we really had no idea what the reception would be like. We were happy even if 10 people read our blog, let alone 300+. We’re also constantly blown away by readers from outside of Nanaimo and Canada. Just last week we had a huge surge in readers from Slovakia. It’s pretty neat that we have that kind of reach and that people from all over the world are coming to read about Nanaimo. To commemorate our one year anniversary, we thought we’d revisit some of our favourite posts over the last year. So, whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or are new to our blog, come take a walk down memory lane with us!

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We just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the mom’s out there! I think it’s a no-brainer that, when we consider our biggest LLN “fans”, our mom’s top the list. In fact, Sarah and I are still convinced our mom’s are the only ones who read this blog and have actually created hundreds of fake accounts to follow LLN. Kidding. Maybe.

So thank you to mama Cheryl and mama Liz for being our biggest supporters!

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To our mom’s, all you other mama’s, or anyone else reading/loving Local Loves Nanaimo, thank you! And I hope y’all are having such a relaxing day in the sun (or wherever you may be!).

– Sean (and Sarah!)

Explore | Oh Happy Cake!

Hi Everyone!

We had the pleasure of working with Oh Happy Cake, shooting their lovely home-baked European cakes and treats. In addition to selling their baked goods at farmers markets in and around Nanaimo, they also specially bake to order! Let us tell you that they are fantastic cakes too. We first tried them last summer and fell in love. (We especially like the Chocolate Sauerkraut cake!). For this shoot we totally lucked out with the weather. We set up all of our shots in their dining room where the natural light shone in through the many, many windows.

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Explore | Sunday Baseball Game: VIBI Mariners vs. Calgary Dinos

Hey LLN’ers! Last Sunday Jonathan Hodgson, the Communications Director of the VIBI Mariners, invited us to watch the boys take on the University of Calgary Dino’s. It’s a bit shameful that this is our last year at University and it took us this long to take part in such a great activity. The Vancouver Island Baseball Institute boasts players from all over western Canada from Vancouver Island to Saskatchewan. In fact, only twelve players originate from Vancouver Island. The team members are aged 17 to 23 and all go to Vancouver Island University!

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Local Loves Design | Babies, Babies, Babies!

Well helllooooo,

Today we’re bringing you another Local Loves Design post! Last week the two of us shot some family photos for the beautiful Walsh family. You may remember that a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to photograph Kara while she was pregnant. Well now we can officially say we’ve photographed from bun to baby!

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