Takes A Dollar | Local Charity

Hello all you local lovelies! Two young people from Nanaimo have started something very cool that I want you to know about! Not only does Nanaimo have amazing natural vistas and beaches we have amazing people doing amazing things to help each other out. I see this everywhere in Nanaimo, friends helping each other move,  people going out of their way. I see people with incredible talents and gifts every day!


I want to take this time to point out an initiative started by two young people men from Nanaimo called Takes A Dollar. Their mission as they say is “not to reinvent the wheel’ but to create fundraisers and a place for people to give to already existing local Nanaimo charities. The idea with Takes A Dollar is if everyone in Nanaimo gave a dollar we could raise $100,000. They highlight a few different local charities and then you can choose where you want your money to go. They use CanadaHelps.org to ease the proccess of getting exacty where the money should go, the local charity!

While I think this is a wonderful idea I also thing that it’s great that these two Nanaimoites took it upon themselves to start this project! While so many of us have great ideas, going ahead and getting someting off the ground is another thing.

They have put together a little clip about the local Nanaimo charity Loaves and Fishes. If you have ever wanted to volunteer, or donate locally this is a wonderful place to do so. Take a look at the video, go check out their website and maybe even give a dollar!  (Or two or three!!)

Thanks for reading and being  so wonderful!

~ Sarah




Travel | Memory Keeping with Project Life!

It’s no secret that we at Local Loves like to create so I knew that I wanted to remember my trip to Germany and the UK somehow and print photos and put something together like a scrapbook but I really didn’t want to scrapbook. Mostly because I didn’t want to use the glue and do the cutting and I felt like I just mostly wanted to keep my photos and plane tickets and memorabilia somewhere. Then I stumbled across Project Life! It’s sort of a system for scrapbooking and keeping your photos and memorabilia in one place. I also came across Kelly Purkey which she was on a podcast (One Part Podcast) and her idea of Modern Day Memory Keeping. It totally resonated with me! I ended up reading her whole blog while on vacation in Hawaii one afternoon and set out to document my trip when I got home!

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Travel | Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Hi everyone! Lets go back in time a little to last fall, September and October 2014 when I was in Germany for two months, Austria for a day and Switzerland for about 30 seconds.

Freiburg | The First Month

I spent the most time in Freiburg on my two month long journey in Germany doing a beginners German language course. I fell in love with the city and explored nearly every street, canal and corner it had to offer. It’s a beautiful city and I highly recommend making a stop here or somewhere in southern Germany if you are visiting Europe.

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Explore | Isn’t That Just The “Bee’s Knees”?

The Bee’s Knees! The cutest little cafe you ever did see in Nanaimo!

It took me (Sarah!) and Sean ages to come here for coffee together and we are so happy that we finally did. Other than their lovely coffee, teas and in house baked goods they have created a lovely atmosphere with plush chairs and sofas, with interesting prints and colourful walls. The walls are a cheery yellow, and there are interesting patterns everywhere (even on my latte mug!)

DSC_9157 DSC_9159

Sean got her tried and true London Fog and I got a latte since I am a full blown coffee addict! I also tried one of their paninis which was awesome. We sat down at a table together to enjoy our treats, tuck into our drinks and chat.

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