Serenity Salon | How a Fresh Hairstyle Got Me Feelin’ Myself 💁

WHERE ARE ALL MY “HAIR IS MY SECURITY BLANKET” LADIES AT?! You know who you are – you dread going to the hairdressers for fear of sitting silently in that chair while someone chops off your precious tresses as you silently scream (or in my case cry) as they totally mangle your beautiful locks. Yea, I’m talkin’ to you. Well grab a cup of tea, sit your butt down, and let me tell you about the goodness that is Serenity Salon.

Nothing can make you feel as good as a great haircut. Alternatively, nothing can make feel as crap as an awful haircut.

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Explore | LLN’s Favourite Brunch Spots!

Happy Friday lovely readers!

Today I want to share with you three of my absolute favourite places to hit up for Sunday brunch. Growing up, I wasn’t much of a breakfast person. But one thing I did look forward to was weekend breakfasts where my parents would fry up a feast of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, golden toasted… toast (?), all accompanied with a nice cold glass of orange juice. Of course, once you get older and move out for University, weekend breakfasts become more of a greasy hangover breakfast from an iffy breakfast chain. Or wait, was that just me?!

Well, the old adage “with age comes wisdom” must be true because now that my uni days are behind me, I’ve come to appreciate a well-made breakfast using local ingredients (everything tastes better when using local food). Which is why the following three restaurants top my list for fav brunch: Continue reading

Event | Longwoodstock 2015!

Well, friends, it’s the last day of August. Summer is officially beginning to wind down – with school starting in a little over a week, soon the days of swimming, laying out on the beach, bbq’s, night drives with your windows down and a warm breeze in your hair, and hitting up outdoor concerts will be no more.

Credit: Sean Helmn / deeplovephotography

Credit: Sean Helmn / deeplovephotography

One of the biggest bashes this summer was Longwood Brewery‘s inaugural Longwoodstock Festival. I’d even go as far to say that it was my favourite event ALL SUMMER. I mean, let’s be honest here – the tagline was Beer. Music. Food. and if that doesn’t whet your whistle then we can’t be friends (joking… sorta).

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LOOK at my media pass. I felt so fancy.

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