All that Glitters is ‘Little Gold’

Okokok. If you don’t know by now Lower Johnson (or #LoJo – I’m trying to make this work) is such a rad place to explore – trendy coffee shops, charming restaurants, fashionable clothing stores, and the like, #LoJo is an eclectic mix of some of Victoria’s coolest locales. There’s been a few stops on our list to explore – like Rook & Rose, Hey Happy, and The Regional Assembly of Text, but one that’s news to me is Little Gold.

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Explore | A Taste of Nanaimo TOUR!

Hello Friends!

Recently, Leif Bogwald, Owner & Travel Curator at Vancouver Island Expeditions, invited Local Loves Nanaimo along on one of their day-tours to experience some of the incredible local tastes that Nanaimo has to offer. And, shocker, our beautiful harbour city has more to offer our tastebuds than just the Nanaimo Bar (even though we LOVE that sweet, sweet treat)! Join us as we sip and sample our way through A Taste of Nanaimo.

Arbutus Distillery

First on our exploration into the tastes of Nanaimo was Arbutus Distillery. Located on Boxwood Drive, Arbutus Distillery specializes in fine artisan spirits made from local and provincial ingredients! YES, we love it when it’s local.

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Explore | Craig Street Market $20 Challenge!

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago we went to the Craig Street Market (one of our favs!) in Parksville with our friend Laura. We set out a challenge to see what each of us could buy for $20.00 at this summertime night market. Full disclosure: it’s pretty much all food (but that don’t make it any less exciting)!


We parked on Memorial Ave and made our way to the lively market. As luck would have it, Sean’s favourite band, Kumbana Marimba, was playing some of their infectious Marimba tunes! Continue reading

Shopping | A Chat With Bikini Empire

Hello LLN’ers, our lovely readers! Today we’re sharing with you a special post about some amazing ladies homegrown on Vancouver Island. They are Monica and Kelsey and their creation is Bikini Empire.
Bikini Empire creates fashionable, sweat-shop free bikinis made in Vancouver (yes! keepin’ it local!) from premium Italian Fabric. We wanted to get to know the girls a little better, while sharing their story, inspirations, and love for Vancouver Island with you, our reader! Which is why we have asked them a few questions to learn all about Monica and Kelsey and Bikini Empire.
Read on, enjoy, and then go take a look at their wonderful designs!

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Shopping | Island-ish In Nanaimo’s Departure Bay!

Hello lovely readers! Last week I popped by Island-ish an amazing new shop in Nanaimo near Departure Bay. It’s the perfect sea-side shop to browse and get inspired in. My friend Laura says it’s a “Pinterest” shop and I couldn’t agree more. As well as beautiful clothing and gifts they have country chic paint, which is a chalk based mineral paint. They sell the paint, offer tips and inspiration as well as offer classes for a more in-depth lesson into the product.

IMG_7785 IMG_7791 IMG_7796

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