Explore | Blue Poppy Garden Gallery

Hello lovely readers!

While we were at The Bee’s Knees Café the other week we decided to stop in next door to the adjoining store Blue Poppy Garden Gallery! We were enticed by its beautiful colours and neat hanging lanterns. We already loved the shop when it was in the Old City Quarter (we even wrote a post about it here) and think that it fits perfectly nestled between The Bee’s Knees and Bliss Gowns and Events.

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Explore | Day Trip: Tofino

okokok, before you get on my case, yes, this post IS from last summer; yes, I’m aware it is currently February; yes, I really don’t care. Ok, with that out of the way, let’s begin!

I’m sure y’all know about Tofino. I mean, it’s only THE Vancouver Island destination. Or so non-islanders think. Of course, we all know that there is way more to Vancouver Island than just Tofino, but nevertheless Tofino is still pretty kick-ass. There is something like 1 million tourists that visit Tofino (and Ucluelet) every summer. A MILLION. Paired with the fact that there’s only about 2,000 residents who live there year-round, I’d say that’s pretty astonishing.


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Explore | Hill’s Native Art

When I used to work for Tourism Nanaimo, one question that I was surprised to not get very often was about Aboriginal culture. Nanaimo, and Vancouver Island, is rich with Aboriginal culture and history. Take the spectacular Quw’utsun’ Cultural and Conference Centre for example. Located along the banks of the Cowichan River, the QCCC is a premiere destination to learn and experience Aboriginal culture and history. Owned and operated by Cowichan Tribes, the largest Aboriginal Band in British Columbia, the QCCC shares the stories and traditions of the Cowichan people, spanning hundreds of years. It is a truly unique and fascinating experience.

Of the few questions we did get concerning Aboriginal culture, most were about First Nation’s art.DSC_4117

Nanaimo’s Hill’s Native Art is the perfect spot to find beautiful, authentic, and unique Aboriginal art. Located in downtown Nanaimo, along Bastion Street, this museum-like art gallery specializes in First Nations and Inuit arts and crafts. Continue reading

Explore | Life’s a Catwalk

It’s been over a month since Christmas and you know what that means? I no longer feel guilty buying myself gifts. I always feel that when it’s the holiday season spending should be done either on those around me or donating to those less fortunate. So, when the window closes, I’m like a pig in a high-end spa mud bath – time to shop guilt free. That or I’m too broke to buy anything…

Sarah and I both love spending time in Downtown Nanaimo. The cafe’s, the art scene, the shopping, the people… everything comes together to create a cool spot to spend an afternoon. Which is why, with my wallet open for business, I headed downtown to spend my first free, frivolous dollar.


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