Event | Gold & Shadow TORCH Tour

GUYS. Guys. I know – it’s been a while since Local Loves has been caressing your brain with our lovable and, dare I say, charming blog posts. I’m sarry. I just haven’t been, like, inspired as of late. Which you may think is weird but when my heart’s not in it, the words don’t flow, and when the words don’t flow, the posts don’t make it to you. But guess whaaaat? Gold & Shadow has broken my writer’s block!


As you may recall (or maybe you don’t?!) Sarah and I went and saw Gold & Shadow absolutely slay it at Nanaimo’s Port Theatre back in the spring. So when I found out that their new album dropped AND that they were touring in support of said album, I got majorly excited.


TORCH, Gold & Shadow’s debut full-length album, is made of calm and chaos and beauty and loss and everything else that goes into making an album worth listening to.

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Explore | Lovecoast: Guaranteed to Move Your Soul

Surprise, surprise! Today we have a special, unscheduled post for you allllll about the lovely Lovecoast.

As you may already know, last Thursday Sarah and I hit up The Globe Bar & Grille to see performances by Boomshack, Band of Rascals, and Lovecoast. We were honoured to be invited by Danielle, Lovecoast’s lead singer, for a night of incredibly great local music.

Opening the show was Nanaimo’s own Boomshack. I actually went to VIU with a number of the band members, some of whom I’ve seen perform in other bands before the inception of Boomshack. I was excited to see some familiar musical faces!


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Events | Lovecoast LIVE at The Globe Bar & Grille

Happy Monday, lovely readers!

Sarah and I had SO MUCH FUN at the We Are The City concert two weeks ago that we were itching to see another live show. Which is why, when we heard about Lovecoast‘s upcoming May 28th show at The Globe Bar & Grille, we jumped at the chance to hear more great local music.

image courtesy of Lovecoast // Matt Lineker Photography

image courtesy of Lovecoast // Matt Lineker Photography

The Globe Bar & Grille has been through a few incarnations over the last decade (The Globe, The Courts Pub…) but now it’s a Bar & Grille that is dedicated to showcasing local musicians who play their own, original jams. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see why Sarah and I are stoked to head to Lovecoast’s concert at The Globe this Thursday! Great local music at a venue dedicated to supporting our community’s musicians…?! This is our sweet spot, people. Continue reading

Events | Recap: The Port Theatre’s Youth Arts Initiative Free Concert!

OH MY GOD. Before we formally start this post, can we just give props to the absolutely AMAZING job that the Youth Arts Initiative did on this concert?! If you missed out on the opportunity to catch the We Are The City concert, we’ll try our best to fill you in, but there’s no way we can convey how awesome the Youth Arts Initiative did in putting on this concert. I’m still blown away (and, at the time of writing this, the concert was 5 days ago!).


If you don’t already know, Sarah and I were contacted by Melanie at The Port Theatre to help raise awareness for this great event (you can read all about that here). However, we didn’t just want to spread the word on our blog, we also wanted to support the event (I mean, and listen to great Canadian music too). Continue reading