Recipe | Winter Veg TWO Ways✌️

The following is a sponsored post on behalf of Whole Foods Market but all opinions, words, and photos are unbiasedly mine.

OK, Vancouver Island. We need to talk. This whole winter weather thing you have going on isn’t a great look for you. I mean yea the white-topped trees and the beautiful blustery skies are pretty and all but c’mon. It’s March. It’s not like we’re the prairies or the east coast! Out here on the west coast we usually see bright pops of pink and yellow from the cherry blossoms and daffodils yet you have Nanaimo covered in snow. SNOW!!

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Recipes | Black Lavender Tea Shortbread Cookies

I love a good cookie recipe. Classics like chocolate chip, peanut butter and ginger are my usual go-to’s when I feel like getting my bake on but this time ’round I wanted to try something new.


I have a ton of Black Lavender tea from when we visited Teafarm a few weeks back so I decided to use some of it for my spring-inspired Lavender Shortbread!

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