Travel | Quebec City Photo Diary II

I hope you enjoyed day one of my Quebec City photo diary, because here is day two! This day was particularly long because jet lag hit us – we were all awake at the crack of dawn. This was actually a blessing in disguise – we witnessed a phenomenal sunrise from our balcony! The sunrise even takes a top spot in my highlights of day two. To see all 5 highlights, be sure to stick around until the end of the post!


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Travel | Quebec City Photo Diary I

To share my recent trip to Quebec City, I thought I’d try something a little different – a photo diary. We packed SO MUCH into our short 4 days in Quebec that if I wrote a post in one of our usual styles you’d be reading for 3+ hours. What I will do instead is let you live (and me re-live) my trip through the abundance of photos I took. I’ll also list my top 5 highlights of the day, so be sure to check that out down below!


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Travel | Sending A Sister To Whitehorse

Nanaimo to Whitehorse and back in five days! Woo!

It’s Sarah here today! My sister got a new position in whitehorse and transferred offices. She asked if I wanted to help her move there and I said YES right away and set out planning our road trip. We left on a wednesday evening taking the 5:20 ferry, stopped in whistler for a dinner of Tacos with my sisters best friend and then up to Cache Creek to spend the night. The second day took us all the way to Dawson Creek. The third to Liard Hot Springs on the Alaska Highway (AMAZING!) and the fourth day all the way to whitehorse. It was a long haul but I honestly had the best time ever with my sister. That’s the thing about road trips you really need the right partner and she was the best.

Once leaving Fort Nelson behind things started to get really wild on the third day. We ended up seeing bears, moose, long horned sheep and bison along the road on our travels. We saw a moose and a little baby moose struggling to learn how to use it’s legs. SERIOUSLY cute!  I now feel truly Canadian after seeing my first moose!

Our third night on the road found us staying near Liard Hot Spring. Let me just tell you, dang BC you have got it going on. These hot springs were amazing and beautiful and almost mystical. The water was over 100 degrees and seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Researchers have found that the water is rainwater that is collected and then flows down into the earth for about 3 kilometers, gets to a temperature of 120 and then flows back up to resurface in Liard River Hot Springs. There was a beautiful wooden walkway to the springs with steps into the water and a damn that lets the water slow down and flow further into another pool. We had a lovely evening floating around and crashed hard for a wonderful sleep that night.


A little video log of our days and decent into madness! Just kidding, but really I guess you have to watch now just to make sure!

I flew home and it only took four hours to get from Whitehorse to Nanaimo (are you reading this meg?!) with two flights. That means I can visit anytime! I have fallen hard for Northern BC and would love to explore the outer coast more! Have you been anywhere extra special in Northern BC? Or to Whitehorse? I would love to know. Let me know in the comments below!

~ Sarah

Travel | Memory Keeping with Project Life!

It’s no secret that we at Local Loves like to create so I knew that I wanted to remember my trip to Germany and the UK somehow and print photos and put something together like a scrapbook but I really didn’t want to scrapbook. Mostly because I didn’t want to use the glue and do the cutting and I felt like I just mostly wanted to keep my photos and plane tickets and memorabilia somewhere. Then I stumbled across Project Life! It’s sort of a system for scrapbooking and keeping your photos and memorabilia in one place. I also came across Kelly Purkey which she was on a podcast (One Part Podcast) and her idea of Modern Day Memory Keeping. It totally resonated with me! I ended up reading her whole blog while on vacation in Hawaii one afternoon and set out to document my trip when I got home!

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