Travel | Memory Keeping with Project Life!

It’s no secret that we at Local Loves like to create so I knew that I wanted to remember my trip to Germany and the UK somehow and print photos and put something together like a scrapbook but I really didn’t want to scrapbook. Mostly because I didn’t want to use the glue and do the cutting and I felt like I just mostly wanted to keep my photos and plane tickets and memorabilia somewhere. Then I stumbled across Project Life! It’s sort of a system for scrapbooking and keeping your photos and memorabilia in one place. I also came across Kelly Purkey which she was on a podcast (One Part Podcast) and her idea of Modern Day Memory Keeping. It totally resonated with me! I ended up reading her whole blog while on vacation in Hawaii one afternoon and set out to document my trip when I got home!

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Travel | Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Hi everyone! Lets go back in time a little to last fall, September and October 2014 when I was in Germany for two months, Austria for a day and Switzerland for about 30 seconds.

Freiburg | The First Month

I spent the most time in Freiburg on my two month long journey in Germany doing a beginners German language course. I fell in love with the city and explored nearly every street, canal and corner it had to offer. It’s a beautiful city and I highly recommend making a stop here or somewhere in southern Germany if you are visiting Europe.

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