Need food inspiration? We’ve got you covered ;) From treats to hearty eats, summer dishes to fall favourites, find the perfect recipe to suit your growling tummy!


Sean here with another recipe for ya! As I’ve mentioned thousands of times before I have a love affair with coconut. I also love Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. So when I came across a recipe a friend posted on facebook for vegan banana cherry ice cream, I thought I’d put a coconut twist to it! … Continue reading VEGAN COCONUT CHERRY GARCIA


Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to bake some pumpkin desserts, since ’tis the season and all, so I picked up my very own pumpkin (instead of resorting to canned pumpkin!) Now, I’m so thankful that Tiffany’s fiancee Toby came along because he informed me that you’ll want to pick up a small, sweet pumpkin for … Continue reading OCTOBER TIME = PUMPKIN TIME


Hey Guys! I’ve got another recipe for you this week: Peekaboo Pumpkin Pound Cake! The Peekaboo part uses the Pumpkin Loaf recipe I shared two weeks ago. You can find that recipe here! While your pumpkin loaf is baking (check the link for the recipe above for directions) it’s time to start the Pound Cake. I … Continue reading PEEKABOO PUMPKIN POUND CAKE!


I was rifling through an old journal/notebook/art book (?) and I came across an old stew recipe from a few year ago. For me, a great stew has to be chunky, hearty, and filling. IMO, this recipe fits my stew ideals to a tee. I mean, really, a recipe is just a guideline. A base. An … Continue reading REVISITING AN OLD RECIPE

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