If you’re reading this, you probably came from my recipe about winter veg with Whole Foods but if not, check out the original post by clicking here :)

You know, up until 6 months ago I could NOT understand the hype behind kale. Like when kale first hit the scene as, like, THE new superfood (as often times blogs tell us what’s young and fresh on the food scene 🤔) I was like, “BUT WHY. IT’S SO… LEAFY.” Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that sautéed garlic kale IS. EVERYTHING.

And my favourite thing to pair with said kale? Roasted lemon herb turkey. Oooo boy:

I mean, you could just as easily use this recipe with chicken, but I feel like chicken is such a go to protein in my weekly meal preps that I wanted to switch things up. Also the turkey thigh I bought was dirt cheap when I was at Whole Foods (AND it was sourced from a BC-owned farm).

Now, when it comes to the age-old debate of white meat versus dark meat, I am a dark meat girl full stop. Yea turkey breasts are much healthier but who can say no to that mouth-watering, juicy dark meat?? And that crispy skin on top?! Ugh. Tastebud heaven.

One of my favourite things about these two recipes is 1) it it so dang easy to make and 2) for the turkey, you can use any herbs you have from your garden (or in my case herb pots). You can, of course, use dry herbs but fresh herbs just seem to make everything taste better (can you imagine a mojito using dry herbs? 😂).

Speaking of easiness, this kale recipe is literally 3 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to do. Not like when someone tells you, “oh that’ll be, like, 5 minutes”, when what they really mean is like 10-15 minutes. When I say 5 minutes, I MEAN 5 minutes.

If you need converting from kale-hater to kale-lover pleasepleaseplease give this recipe a try and let me know if you jump on to the bandwagon. Oh and if you make the turkey recipe, let me know what part of the turkey is your fav! Are you a breast, thigh or drumstick kinda person?



xx Sean