Tea Time in Style at Venus Sophia Tearoom & Eatery

I’ve been living in Victoria for over two years now and it astounds me just how little I’ve really explored this place. You KNOW that says a lot because if you follow llvi’s instagram (shameless plug) you know I get around. That’s one of the things I love most about this city, though, is that there is always a new spot to explore or a new experience to enjoy. Enter Venus Sophia Tearoom & Eatery.

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Recipe | Winter Veg TWO Ways✌️

The following is a sponsored post on behalf of Whole Foods Market but all opinions, words, and photos are unbiasedly mine.

OK, Vancouver Island. We need to talk. This whole winter weather thing you have going on isn’t a great look for you. I mean yea the white-topped trees and the beautiful blustery skies are pretty and all but c’mon. It’s March. It’s not like we’re the prairies or the east coast! Out here on the west coast we usually see bright pops of pink and yellow from the cherry blossoms and daffodils yet you have Nanaimo covered in snow. SNOW!!

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Explore | LLN’s Favourite Brunch Spots!

Happy Friday lovely readers!

Today I want to share with you three of my absolute favourite places to hit up for Sunday brunch. Growing up, I wasn’t much of a breakfast person. But one thing I did look forward to was weekend breakfasts where my parents would fry up a feast of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, golden toasted… toast (?), all accompanied with a nice cold glass of orange juice. Of course, once you get older and move out for University, weekend breakfasts become more of a greasy hangover breakfast from an iffy breakfast chain. Or wait, was that just me?!

Well, the old adage “with age comes wisdom” must be true because now that my uni days are behind me, I’ve come to appreciate a well-made breakfast using local ingredients (everything tastes better when using local food). Which is why the following three restaurants top my list for fav brunch: Continue reading

Vote | We ♥ Local Awards!

Happy Friday, Local Lovelies! Who’s excited it’s Friday? We sure are. ESPECIALLY since rain is in the forecast (hey – we’re dry as a raisin over here, we could use some hydration). You know what else we’re excited for? The We ♥ Local Awards!


Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market

If we had a nickel for every time we said we love keepin’ it local, we’d owe ourselves… a lot of nickels tbh. The We ♥ Local Awards are just as you’d imagine them: awards for anyone and everyone who helps support the local economy. The best part, aside from celebrating the farmers, artisans, and advocates of our community, is that the We ♥ Local Awards are completely nominated and voted for by you! Continue reading

Explore | A Taste of Nanaimo TOUR!

Hello Friends!

Recently, Leif Bogwald, Owner & Travel Curator at Vancouver Island Expeditions, invited Local Loves Nanaimo along on one of their day-tours to experience some of the incredible local tastes that Nanaimo has to offer. And, shocker, our beautiful harbour city has more to offer our tastebuds than just the Nanaimo Bar (even though we LOVE that sweet, sweet treat)! Join us as we sip and sample our way through A Taste of Nanaimo.

Arbutus Distillery

First on our exploration into the tastes of Nanaimo was Arbutus Distillery. Located on Boxwood Drive, Arbutus Distillery specializes in fine artisan spirits made from local and provincial ingredients! YES, we love it when it’s local.

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